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Once you call for your free phone consultation, we can schedule an appointment in person or online via Skype. Then you can expect the benefits of hypnosis, NLP and life coaching to help you allow easy progress. That means moving beyond resistance and self-sabotage because your mind and body cooperate and your actions and intentions match up!

So whether you’re ready now to quit smoking, lose weight, relieve chronic pain, or simply learn to reduce stress and relax more, just make the call to start moving toward your goal – 858-876-7930.

Serving clients in person in the Atlanta area, San Diego and Humboldt, CA, and anywhere in the world via Skype.

“Dave Berman helped me to solve a deep inner conflict…learning to recognize
what thoughts correlated to specific sensations in my body and how to trust
my body to inform me on the best actions and thoughts that resonate with my truth.”

– Amanda Caldwell, Los Angeles, CA

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