5 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Hypnosis

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Everyone enjoys being right, don’t you? I mean, if a big website posted an article containing lots of links backing something you’re passionate about you might share that with people, right?

Last week the Huffington Post ran a piece called “5 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Hypnosis.” Here they are:

1. Improve deep sleep.
2. Ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
3. Quell hot flashes.
4. Ease pain.
5. Calm nerves.

Five is just a partial list of health benefits of hypnosis. Each of these and many more applications are noted at Manifest Positivity. See the News and Research tab on this page. Also see the Success Rates tab here.

Please know this is not gloating! Hollywood movies and Las Vegas stage shows leave so many people with false impressions about hypnosis. I frequently talk to doctors and therapists about what they call “the evidence base.” That’s what this is about.

Research results show hypnosis works. With the way hypnosis research is done, however, the results certainly underestimate the potential benefits.


Because research requires uniform conditions. Each person in a study is treated the same way. Would you go to a doctor or therapist who treated you with a rubber stamp?

Of course not. And they don’t work that way anyway. This is even more true among clinical and medical hypnotists like me.

If you say the same thing to everyone you meet, do you expect to get the same response from everyone? Again, of course not.

Hypnotists have to be flexible and adjust their words to the needs of each client. This is being “client-centered.” It makes sure I help my clients get even better results than articles about science suggest you should expect.

So how can hypnosis help you?

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Posted: 7/8/14
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