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This is a compilation of links to 7 significant articles previously posted here, presented as part of the Tripbase My 7 Links Blog Project. The aim of the project is “to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.” Thanks to my friends Rene and Jim at live. work. dream. for nominating me to participate.

Before getting to the list, I just want to mention that my criteria for picking these links had little to do with actual web traffic and much more to do with the impact these posts have had out in the real world. Of course, as a long-time advocacy journalist I’ve always emphasized tangible results and outcomes as more important than standard metrics.

Post I’m most proud of: How NLP Helped Me Stop Smoking Pot

This is the most recent article I’ve posted and so perhaps I might be most proud of whatever was most recent had I been doing this compilation at some other time. Yet after nearly 15 years of daily pot smoking I am quite proud of ending this habit and glad to have shared my story, which wasn’t easy to tell. Of course I’m also very proud of the fact that I can help others break all sorts of habits now using NLP.

Most popular post: Making Sense of Senses With NLP

This was the first NLP article I wrote for publication anywhere other than my own website. It has now appeared in the regional Isis Scrolls Magazine, the summer 2011 newsletter (.pdf) of the North Coast Association of Mental Health Professionals, and the summer 2011 newsletter (.pdf) of the The Emma Center, a volunteer organization in Arcata that “provides information, referrals, support and education on trauma and trauma-related conditions for women survivors of abuse and violence.” This article has led many people to inquire about NLP sessions with me.

Most beautiful post: Video: Sold Out NLP Workshop w/Spider Phobia Relief

This is among the shortest posts I’ve ever done and features a video testimonial from Tanya Hunt who is “shocked and amazed” that in just 30 minutes earlier that night I was able to use NLP to eliminate her phobia of spiders. She simply glows as she holds the terrarium containing the tarantula now nicknamed “Tiny.” Video of the entire public workshop at which we did this phobia relief can be viewed for free at

Post that didn’t get the attention it deserved: NLP Playshops Start In July

Encouraged by the great response to the “Come To Your Senses” workshop linked in the most beautiful post above, I decided to start hosting regular small groups each month so more people could get introductory experiences with NLP. I would like the series of monthly Playshop groups to be easier to fill up since each group is limited to 6 people. Register here for the final group of the year, meeting on November 1, 8 & 15.

Most helpful post: 5 Tips To Improve Your Mood

The name of this post says it all. Most or all of the ideas are included during the NLP Playshop Series too.

Most controversial post: NLP Presuppositions, More Useful Than True?

Many of the foundational premises of NLP are called “presuppositions.” These are ideas that are treated as true because it is useful to do so. Presuppositions are not limited to the ones that underpin NLP. In fact, I commonly discuss with clients the strategy of looking at ideas for their degree of usefulness. This seems controversial to some people because it can be challenging to set aside the instinct to first gauge truth or accuracy of a “belief.” But beliefs often change because they are not inherently true and are just thoughts we think a lot. Learning to assess the usefulness of beliefs is a useful thing to do!

Post whose success surprised me: Jump Starting The Shark

This was posted when Manifest Positivity was used for advocacy journalism and before it became my NLP coaching practice. I was not really surprised that people wanted to help a baby great white shark that had washed up at the beach, or that a friend even sent pictures of the carcass found two days later. What continues to surprise me is how frequently people come to this post via Google searches. I’ve updated it with a new intro to let such visitors know that this post is atypical and what this site is really about now.

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Posted: 10/10/11


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