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Ever see someone have an insight? It is powerful to witness. I’m honored to observe this so often with clients who discover new ways of looking at their old stories.

That happened recently to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Fogerty, former frontman for the classic rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival.

No, he’s not one of my clients, but he was interviewed by Eric Holland, an old friend from my days as a radio DJ. As I watched this two minute video, I realized Fogerty was describing the anatomy of an insight, as well as telling a very cool story.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. He closes his eyes (not really necessary, but that’s where it begins in the video).

2. He notes what he pictured.

3. He describes how that thought made him feel (because thoughts always influence emotions).

4. He responds to the feeling with self-talk (another form of thought).

5. He experiences another emotion (of course).

6. The feeling led to the action of playing some of his old songs for the first time in many years.

Did Eric hypnotize him?

I don’t think so, though good questions prompt us to look within for answers and that can create an experience that is essentially hypnotic and leads to new understandings.

So really there was a step in the process before Fogerty closed his eyes and in the interview he says what it was – he asked himself a question!

Typically when I see clients realize they have to take a new course of action it is after a similar process, either in response to a question I’ve asked or one I’ve guided them toward asking themselves.

The really beautiful thing is how often this reveals problems of the past can only be solved in the present by adopting a new story and sense of self.

If you are ready to let go of an old explanation for what holds you back so you can become who you want to be now call me at: 707-845-3749.

Posted: 2/10/14


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