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Dentists. Love or hate? So many people feel anxious or afraid of the dentist. Do you?

As you may know, since I moved to the San Diego area back in March I’ve split my time between my private hypnotherapy practice, Manifest Positivity, and partnering with Juan Acosta doing dental hypnosis.

It’s called Hypnodontics and it’s more than just hypnosis for dental patients.

We teach dental professionals some of the language skills we use as hypnotherapists so they can use words to make their patients more comfortable.

In the past 14 years, I’ve written about 1000 articles. My most recent piece, Because Words Matter, is the first to appear in a dental industry publication at

It’s been shared well over 100 times, far more than any other article I’ve ever written, and it’s also been translated into two other languages. That’s only the beginning!

Juan has just published a book called Hypnodontics – Ethical Influence: Language For Dental Professionals.

It may or may not be relevant for you to read it, but during the launch from July 18-20 you can get a free copy on Kindle, which would actually help us a lot!

Yes, we are asking that you please download a copy for free whether or not you will actually read it.

Here’s the link where you can buy it now, or get your gift during the weekend launch.

So if you hate getting dental work, sharing the article and book with your dentist will help you get better treatment in the future.

If you already love your dentist, your dentist will love you even more when you share these resources.

Of course you can also consider me a resource if you need some help with your feelings about the dentist, or an automatic behavior issue with your mouth such as teeth grinding, nail biting or an overactive gag reflex.

Until next time, smile!

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UPDATED 7/29/14: My article Because Words Matter has also been published in the Summer 2014 issue of Unlimited Human, the quarterly publication of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Plus, has now published the second article I submitted to them, Increasing Case Acceptance, and agreed to run future articles I will write each month.

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Posted: 7/15/14


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Dave Berman offers Life Coaching, Laughter Coaching, Laughnosis and Hypnotherapy. He earned a B.S. in Communication from Cornell University and has extensive experience as a public speaker and workshop facilitator. His book, “Laughter For the Health of It,” co-written with Kelley T. Woods, is available here. For speaking or writing requests, or for a free coaching/hypnotherapy consultation, write to Dave, connect with manifest_positivity on Skype, or use the Viber app to call his mobile number from anywhere in the world +1 707-845-3749.

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