Do you suffer the dark side of being an empath?

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Do you identify with this dark side of being an empath? This article has appeared on a few websites recently, defining a range of ways empathic people experience suffering – neglecting mind and body because a gift has become a stressful burden; feeling overwhelmed by a war of conflicting and self-destructive inner voices; confusion and sadness about the very existence of hurtful negative energy; exhaustion and fatigue; feeling unable to fall in love entirely; needing to go soul searching due to feeling lost.

The article concludes by saying “Empaths need people who understand who they are, people they can talk to and who will listen.” I am one of those people and I invite you to contact me about being your listener.

What I’m offering is a conversation in which I will listen and ask some questions to help us both be sure I understand what you tell me. There is no cost or obligation, and I promise not to try selling you anything during this conversation.

At the end of our talk, if we both feel like further conversations could be helpful, I may ask permission to get back to you with some ideas. It may be one on one coaching, the Laugh and Learn group, reading or recordings from the Manifest Positivity archive, or something new and unique inspired entirely by our conversation.

For now, just know this: You are entitled to whatever feelings you have, and you can have whatever feelings you choose.


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Dave Berman offers Life Coaching, Laughter Coaching, Laughnosis and Hypnotherapy. He earned a B.S. in Communication from Cornell University and has extensive experience as a public speaker and workshop facilitator. His book, "Laughter For the Health of It," co-written with Kelley T. Woods, is available here. For speaking or writing requests, or for a free coaching/hypnotherapy consultation, write to Dave, connect with manifest_positivity on Skype, or use the Viber app to call his mobile number from anywhere in the world +1 707-845-3749. Connect with Dave on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to future blog posts via RSS or by e-mail.
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