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With help from colleague Juan Acosta, C.Ht., on October 22, 2013 Dave had dental work done using hypnosis instead of anesthesia. This six minute documentary shows some of that experience and why hypnosis is so helpful for simpler dental issues such as anxiety and fear, teeth grinding and clenching, reducing the gag reflex, and changing habits that affect mouth health.



The following video airs on public access TV, Access Humboldt Channel 11, showing Dave Berman using the NLP technique “Fast Phobia Relief” to help a woman eliminate a fear of spiders. It was filmed at a public workshop called “Come To Your Senses” on May 10, 2011. If you don’t see the embedded player, please go here to see the video.



This is a little personal introduction for therapists and counselors of Humboldt County.



Below is a feature presentation called “NLP As Conversational Hypnosis” discussing language patterns modeled from the innovative and influential psychiatrist Milton Erickson, plus some general concepts that illustrate how people can experience change without formal hypnotic induction procedures or even any particular depth level of trance. This video is also broadcast on Access Humboldt Channel 12.



In addition to Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching, Dave is a certified laughter yoga class leader. In the video below he teaches other hypnotherapists about the health benefits of laughter and how it can be incorporated into client sessions.



Through Daily Laughers, Dave aims to inspire people to adopt a daily practice of laughing on purpose. He’s been creating a new Laugh of the Day video every day since the start of 2016, laughing with people from all around the world. Here are a few:



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