Go With What Flow?

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It feels good to be in the flow, doesn’t it? Can you tell when you’re in or out? Does that lead you to different choices? Where does your flow take you?

I’m asking you to think about this for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is because I was prompted to ponder myself recently when I encountered the following excerpt from my favorite book, “Pronoia,” by Rob Brezsny.

Pronoia by Rob Brezsny“When they say “Go with the flow,” what “flow” are they talking about? Do they mean the flow of your early childhood conditioning? The flow of your friends’ opinions? The latest cultural trends? Your immediate instinctual needs?

When they say “Go with the flow,” are they urging you to keep doing what’s easiest to do and what will win you the most ego points, even if it keeps you from being true to your soul’s code?

Consider the possibility that there are many flows to go with, but only one of them is correct for you. Do you know which one? Maybe it’s the one flowing in an underground cavern, far from the maddening crowd.”

I love this provocative passage. It makes me think!

My conclusion: when in step with the rhythm of life I effortlessly dance from flow to flow, like the gracefully changing time signatures in a Frank Zappa guitar solo.

You’ve been invited to consider these questions for another reason:

You have access to a resource for distinguishing the flows in your life, choosing which to go with, and deciding where you take them (rather than the other way around!).

Do you use this resource? Can you identify what it is? Like Dorothy’s red slippers, you’ve always had
this resource: your unconscious mind.

Without conscious effort, intention or intervention this part of your mind guides you in all that is
automatic (your flows). With hypnosis and coaching, you can learn to align the essential dynamics between the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind.

You then get to take the flows anywhere you can imagine being successful and happy.

Call me and I’ll show you how. 707-845-3749.


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