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I love this quote about free will, and especially the quote within the quote, from my all-time favorite book, “Pronoia,” by Rob Brezsny.

“Is there really such a thing as free will, or are our destinies
shaped by forces beyond our control?
Pronoia by Rob Brezsny

Here’s one way to think about that question: Maybe some people actually have more free will than others. Not because they have more money. (Many rich folks are under the spell of their instincts, after all.) Not because they have high-status positions. (A boss may have power over others but little power over himself.)

Rather, those with a lot of free will have earned that privilege by taking strong measures to dissolve the conditioning they absorbed while growing up. They’ve acted on the advice of psychologist Carl Jung: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.””

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This is why my job is often to de-hypnotize rather than hypnotize clients – to elevate into conscious awareness challenges unwittingly fostered on an unconscious level.

The solutions and resources needed are already within and quickly become available when we can “just notice” them.

Would you like to have more free will?

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