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What’s your laughter quota? How often do you meet it? I doubt you really set such a goal and neither do I. But I do know the more I laugh the better I feel.

In fact, rather than the familiar saying: “He who laughs last, laughs best”

I prefer to say: “She who laughs most, feels best!”

This is a familiar topic at Manifest Positivity because I am devoted to laughter yoga and consider laughing to be one of the Building Blocks of a Better Attitude.

Several things have upped my laughter quota lately and I hope they have value for you. The broadest appeal is the Skype Laughter Club, which gathers online more than once each day. Here’s the current schedule:

Noon PT (Seva) Mon thru Fri.

11am PT (Seva) Sat-Sun.

7pm PT (Jagat and Radhika) Mon-Sat

8pm PT (Jagat and Radhika) Sun

10pm PT (Alex) Fri Gibberish

Midnight PT (Muriel) last Sat of month

1am PT (Anu, Jane, Muriel) Mon-Fri

2am PT (Alex) Sun Gibberish

10am PT (Corinne) Thu

Recently I’ve been laughing during these Skype calls every day for 5-15 minutes. It makes a big difference in how I feel!

Moonlight Beach Laughter Group FlierI’ve also just launched the Moonlight Beach Laughter Club, leading free laughter yoga each Thursday at 5:30pm on the grassy area next to the parking lot at the end of C Street in Encinitas, CA. If you’re in this area, please join us! You can download the flier on the right to help us spread the word offline and stay connected online via Facebook and/or Meet Up:

Now, if you really want to learn some serious stuff about laughter and see me geek out about it, watch this video filmed in Las Vegas on July 20 when I taught other hypnotherapists at the HypnoThoughts Live! conference about the health benefits of laughter and some ways to incorporate it into client sessions.

I suppose that’s my contribution to the World Laughter Summit, a free online event starting August 9. Each day for a week you can hear interviews with two laughter experts, including Laughter Yoga founder Dr. Madan Kataria and my dear friend Dr. Kimberley Bell. Register here.

Since this article already has more links than usual, here’s just one more, from Psychology Today, that questions the common belief that kids laugh way more than adults. This is where the idea of a laughter quota came from.

So for what it’s worth, I don’t really have a laughter quota, but I value spending some time laughing each day, and hopefully it is more time than the day before. Your smileage may vary.

Posted: 8/4/14


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