Mapping Across: Moving the Meditation Mantras

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Dave Berman, C.Ht.

This article is about a recent experience that pulls together several things referenced in previous Manifest Positivity articles, including the Mapping Across technique I used to help me stop smoking pot; affirmations, or mantras, which I was interviewed about on a talk radio show; and the point of convergence for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Law of Attraction (LoA).

There are many ways to meditate and I use different approaches at different times. In this case I was combining several concepts all geared towards manifestation. In my mind I was silently repeating various affirmations, such as “I’m a successful hypnotherapist, I am a talented entrepreneur, I am a gifted networker, I laugh easily and often, and I’m a money magnet.” If my thoughts began to wander, I would divert them to a different set of affirmations including “I am ready to receive and willing to allow” (which I sing to the tune of Happy Birthday), “Yes, please, and thank you Universe,” and various rhythmic chants simply repeating the word “YES!”

The point of the first set of affirmations above is to create multi-sensory representations of having those experiences. For example, I might imagine the sound of my phone ringing; picture myself meeting new clients and then depositing money in the bank; celebrating success with the smell of the hot tubs at Cafe Mokka and the taste of a tempura yam sushi roll at Tomo. Most importantly, in my opinion, is being able to conjure the feeling of joy, excitement and/or appreciation as if I’m already having these experiences. This feeling piece was missing for me at first. This is so crucial because while in all those other ways I was putting my attention on what I want, I was not completely aligning my vibration to match. That is, I was still experiencing some resistance rather than fully allowing.

Now, from the NLP perspective, I was mostly doing good work there because I was identifying the sensory evidence that defines how I’ll know I’ve got what I want. By rehearsing this, I was developing sensory memory, akin to muscle memory that we get by sufficiently practicing various physical acts that we then become capable of doing with automatic unconscious competence. But I knew I wasn’t quite fully in alignment with the LoA point of view. That second set of affirmations was making that really obvious, showing me that at best I was saying “YES” I want to allow these sensory experiences but that includes this unsure and resistant feeling.

I then became aware of a big distinction between these two sets of affirmations. When I was reciting the first group, it was as if I was reading them off a list about a foot in front of me and a few inches above and to the right of my right eye. When I switched to the second batch, it was clearly closer to my face and just below my left eye. The second group brought me the feelings I knew I wanted to associate with the activities I was imagining from the first list. So I moved the first list into the same location as the second list. This is the NLP technique called Mapping Across. As soon as I did this, I felt a tingly wave of energy surge through me that brought a big smile to my face. Keep in mind this all happened while I sat in silent meditation.

For the past two weeks this awareness has grown even stronger. I have had a few instances where I’ve had to move the list again but mostly it comes up in the better feeling location now so when I sit down to meditate I can quickly go into that great feeling of having what I want and spend the time going into deeper sensory detail of what constitutes success and really what else it means to have achieved these things. Examples include: the empowerment of having my articles, videos and advertisements making my business so visible that wherever I go I meet people who have seen or heard something about my work; the relationships I’m building with doctors, therapists and others who are making more frequent client referrals to me; and increasing clarity about how to create uniquely valuable content that honors the distinction between Manifest Positivity and my new site at

This is what makes a goal, in NLP terms, a well-formed outcome – affirmatively identifying what is wanted with all its associated sensory evidence, the steps I must take responsibility for initiating and maintaining for it to be achieved, the positive aspects of the present that will be preserved even as I may be otherwise making changes, and how the overall result fits the big picture of my life. So even though I’ve been more focused recently on some heavy duty clinical and medical hypnotherapy issues, I still enjoy working with life coaching clients who want to get out of their own way and allow easy progress toward a happier, healthier and more successful life.

It is truly my pleasure to model for you how it is done!

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Dave Berman, C.Ht. practices Clinical and Medical Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching. He is certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and an associate member of the North Coast Association of Mental Health Professionals. Dave offers private and confidential sessions on a sliding scale in his Arcata, CA office and remotely via Skype. Referrals and inquiries are welcome. Learn more at or call (707) 845-3749 for a free consultation. Subscribe to future articles from Manifest Positivity:

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Posted: 2/18/13


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Dave Berman offers Life Coaching, Laughter Coaching, Laughnosis and Hypnotherapy. He earned a B.S. in Communication from Cornell University and has extensive experience as a public speaker and workshop facilitator. His book, "Laughter For the Health of It," co-written with Kelley T. Woods, is available here. For speaking or writing requests, or for a free coaching/hypnotherapy consultation, write to Dave, connect with manifest_positivity on Skype, or use the Viber app to call his mobile number from anywhere in the world +1 707-845-3749. Connect with Dave on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to future blog posts via RSS or by e-mail.
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