Laughter For the Health of It


Laughter, done on purpose, has health benefits. Who knew, right? Well actually, there's lots of research about this. And when combined with hypnosis and coaching, the results are even more profound. Read this book if you want to get started developing a laughter practice of your own, or if you want to add laughter-based skills to the work you already do helping your patients, clients, family members, or students.

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Through the ages, laughter has supported wellness and made us feel good. Now, thanks to modern research and the global health craze of laughter yoga, we know exactly why. Laughing, even on purpose and without jokes, creates significant changes in both the mind and body.

In Laughter For the Health of It, mind/body experts Dave Berman and Kelley T. Woods put this understanding in the context of their work as professional hypnotists. The result is a book that will teach you how to exercise your laugh muscles with easy-to-use techniques specifically designed for older adults, children, and anyone suffering challenges such as chronic pain, anxiety, grief, depression and sleep problems.


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