Resources is such a great word, from natural resources like air, trees and rivers, to the forms, featured videos and published articles on the other pages of this site. Each of us even has inner resources such as curiosity, determination and the capacity to love. And those are just the common resources everybody knows about. You also have the ability to make adjustments to the features of your senses and calibrate the thinking that determines your feelings and behaviors. All of your abilities are resources too. Intentional laughter, mindfulness, hypnosis and NLP are all about helping you connect with your inner resources, develop and enhance them, and easily access these resources to create the life you want. Now, when you are ready to do that, connect with Dave for a free consultation – on Skype add manifest_positivity, write a message in the contact form, or use the Viber app to call +1 707-845-3749 from anywhere in the world.


I am unsure how to express the vastness of what Dave Berman has helped me achieve
in relation to the changes in attitude, perspective, and belief in ability within
my self…I have found culmination of the clarity and stillness in heart and thought
that I have worked to achieve for many years

– J.A., Arcata, CA

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