Tenacious < Elevenacious

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Being tenacious is a good thing. It is certainly a valuable trait for achieving your goals. Synonyms include: persistent, determined, dogged and persevering.

But what happens when being tenacious isn’t enough?

The movie This Is Spinal Tap gave us the often quoted line “but these go to eleven.” This was said by the character Nigel Tufnel, explaining how his guitar amp could go “one louder” than most.

A few days ago a friend posted on Facebook about being proud of herself for solving several problems. She thus declared her “word of the year” to be tenacious. In a spontaneous moment of playfulness, inspired by the powerful feelings I was attaching to my own achievements that day, I posted the comment:

“But these go to elevenacious.”

The reference is common enough that I knew plenty of people would get it. I didn’t count on it sinking in deep for me!

Things kept falling in place for me that day and in each case I knew it was because of my relentless follow through. Meanwhile, the silliness kept echoing in my mind. That’s its own awesome feeling, by the way.

Finally it was time to meditate. Sitting with no outside distractions, I looked at what I was feeling, knowing it was feedback about my thinking. The feeling was desirable, therefore the thought was useful.

Could this ridiculous made up word really have value, and if so what is it?

I thought of the word “superlative,” meaning the best. Maybe being tenacious is still good, but
just not the best I can do. What is better than being tenacious?

Clearly: Tenacious < Elevenacious

The blissful meditative trance dissolved, returning me to an outwardly focused and energized state of clarity, aware an insight had arrived.

We so commonly accept artificial limits, sometimes imposed by an individual and often by norms of society. The most arbitrary limits, however, are usually the ones we create ourselves.

Being tenacious comes naturally to me. But even its definition does not declare it to be a superlative, to represent a limit of how determined or persistent one can be.

Elevenacious, as I conceive it, is a superlative precisely because it shall be defined as the unlimited extra, above and beyond what was previously expected or believed possible.

This too comes automatically from a natural source deep within us all. It is an honor to do work helping others connect with it. Call me for a no cost, no obligation conversation about whether one-on-one coaching or hypnosis will be right for you. I work with individuals in the Atlanta, GA area or from anywhere by Skype. 707-845-3749.


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