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Personal Growth Testimonials

“I had this goal to be happy in each moment, and to learn how to not worry about what the past has done or what the future will bring, and from working with Dave I learned how to laugh and how to really BE in the moment. Now my days are filled with opportunities at every turn to smile and laugh and I see others in a higher light. At least this is my focus, and even when I slip from this focus, I quickly recover. I realize my thoughts create my experience and with Dave’s teachings, I focus more and more on making those thoughts happy ones.”

– Vicki Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

“Though most of our contact has been only through amazing insights and email updates that you send and the occasional passing as I see you at Veteran Resource events, I HAVE to thank you! I believe I’ve been on your email list for nearly two years. In that time, not only have I continued my regular job serving Veterans at the College of the Redwoods campus, but I have also gone through the Mind-Body-Wellness/Transformational Psychology program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I have approximately 10 months remaining in the program. My first courses were in life coaching and I am now getting ready for hypnotherapy. As my awareness has opened, the words in each of your updates has resonated to my soul. During some of the more rigorous and challenging portions of the program, the Spirit seemed to gift me with words through your emails. I THANK you for being such an instrument of grace.”

– Crystal Morse, Eureka, CA

“I have gone to Dave on two occasions seeking a higher degree of clarity in my life, and both times I have come away feeling rejuvenated. His commitment, sincerity and mastery of his craft is inspiring.”

– Rick St. Charles, Freshwater Corners, CA

“Dave Berman helped me to solve a deep inner conflict I had. He helped me go into a deep meditation and discover the answer within me that I needed to find peace and congruence with what I want, my thoughts, and the actions I take. I’ve learned techniques to manage my mood like self-hypnosis, anchor points, and visualizations. The biggest help was learning to recognize what thoughts correlated to specific sensations in my body and how to trust my body to inform me on the best actions and thoughts that resonate with my truth. I am very grateful for the progress I’ve made towards meeting my goals to live in congruence with my truth and embrace all the freedom life offers through flexibility. I am now opening to new thoughts, expression and positive manifestations.”

– Amanda Caldwell, Los Angeles, CA

“I am unsure how to express the vastness of what Dave Berman has helped me achieve in relation to the changes in attitude, perspective, and belief in ability within my self. I have witnessed and transformed the very history of my memories of Self and the negative events in my life that had shaped me as far back as infancy. I have found culmination of the clarity and stillness in heart and thought that I have worked to achieve for many years. He not only can give your conscious mind simple tools and exercises to help yourself heal or change thoughts, feelings or habits consciously, but can also work with your subconscious to heal, forgive and even re-write memories(!) of the events in your past, that change your present, and set a positive tone for the future. Anyone with desire to change any issue, of any kind, can benefit from Dave’s abilities and training.”

– J.A., Arcata, CA

“NLP is such a simple, yet profound tool for transformation. Working with Dave has helped me “unblock” creatively and change my relationship to money. Dave’s work has been an enormous gift at a time when I was ready to make some changes. His skill as an NLP practitioner, loving presence and keen intuition have been invaluable.”

– Calleaghn K., Arcata, CA

“Thank you, Dave, for generously working with me to help me access tools for self growth and self love. Just today I asked myself, “What does my brain pain feel like? What color is it? What’s the texture?” Then I visualized letting air out of my brain to relieve the pressure. Brilliant! I had to let the air out of my brain throughout the day but it worked. Much more effective than being stuck in the story of “oh, my brain.” Wow, Namaste (I haven’t FELT Namaste for awhile; I feel it).”

– Susan E., Arcata, CA

“Dave and I used NLP to help with management of my negative emotional states and the internal stories that feed them. I was surprised and amazed at the process and what emerged from it. I learned I held specific negative beliefs that needed to change in order for me to move into a more fulfilling life. The NLP experience allowed me to change the beliefs, creating subtle, yet very real and powerful results.”

– April C., Bayside, CA

“It is such a gift to have found the owner’s manual to my decision making process. Using the simple tools that you helped me find within my own thought patterns, I have been able to make healthier, more informed decisions. Even though I came in to work on my need for sugar each night, I have been able to use the same process to help me have more control over food choices and alcohol. I feel much more in control and no longer feel as if I am at the mercy of my cravings. The one thing that I find most helpful is the perspective shift I gained from our two sessions. Understanding when I am speaking negatively and how I can shift to a positive outlook has influenced EVERY aspect of my life and I am truly grateful for the gift you have shared.”

– Larissa L., McKinleyville, CA

“The visualization techniques Dave taught me are helping me conquer the internal resistance that kept me from attaining my work and exercise goals.”

– Jim N., Fort Collins, CO

“I had two sessions with Dave concerning my issues with family members. My attitudes were seemingly locked into old history and had plagued me for many, many years. I realized, with his help through NLP, that I might make a difference and reach a peaceful state of mind. It has truly come to being that I am finally able to release old habits of thought that were troublesome to say the least. I credit Dave with his expertise in NLP, and his maturity and manner, with being the catalyst for my change.”

– Maya McKenzie, Eureka, CA

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Quit Smoking Testimonials

“Giving up a 50-year smoking addiction seemed impossible. Because I tried and failed many times before, I was insecure about success. In talking to you, three separate times, I realized a deep-seated insecurity about my abilities, generally, was in play. I felt uncomfortable leading others and worried about how I looked. Using your guided meditation I broke through a wall of self doubt and realized I had choices in these matters. Since speaking to you via Skype I achieved my goal of quitting, and I am more confident in my work as a laughter yoga leader. In fact, I was offered and accepted a fulfilling job, laughing with the elderly, which is new to me, thanks to a poised presentation of my abilities. I am confident that I can do this. Your method is fast and efficient. Thank you for what you do.”

– Cynthia Curtis, Phillipsburg, NJ

NOTE: Following our third session, Cynthia asked to be a guest for
the Laugh of the Day video on the Daily Laughers channel

Dave rescues cigarettes from people who would otherwise burn them.

Dave rescues cigarettes from people who would otherwise burn them.

“I smoked cigarettes for over 30 years, including several unsuccessful attempts to quit. Now I enjoy going to a ball game or the movies without having to excuse myself for a smoke. I’m saving over 240 dollars a month and that’s just a side benefit. I’m also saving my life. In just two 90 minute sessions, Dave helped me eliminate cravings and take control of my behavior. If you’re determined to stop smoking now, you can benefit from NLP with Dave Berman.”

Tom Sebourn, Trinidad, CA
(Tom is the Program Director at KGOE 1480AM. Hear his testimonial radio ad.)

“I really enjoyed my tobacco. Cigarettes were like a friend that was with me for over 20 years. For the past two years I tried different things to quit but nothing worked. Basically, if it was hard or painful I would give up and smoke again. I thought that I would never really be able to quit because every quit smoking method that I knew of involved a lot of willpower and fighting cravings. I had one Hypnosis session with Dave and that was it. It was 8 months ago and I haven’t had a single craving since. And, the most amazing thing to me about it is that I am completely neutral about tobacco smoke now. Meaning that when other people are smoking near me I feel neither craving or aversion. I truly never thought this was possible for me.”

– Christy Robertson, Arcata, CA

“I habitually smoked marijuana for over 15 years. Living and working in Humboldt County, CA certainly didn’t make it easy to quit when I realized that constantly smoking pot and cigarettes was preventing me from living happily, and I definitely wasn’t at my highest potential in life. After a few sessions with Dave Berman, I was able to use the tools that I learned from Dave to stop getting high all day! I have had some occasional cravings, naturally, but am now equipped with the tools learned during our sessions. Dave has also given me continued support, months after our first meeting, which has helped me to stay sober. I have had continued success, I am 100% happier, and also have learned to manifest positivity in other areas of my life that I was unsatisfied with! I can truly say from a place of clarity and contentment, thank you Dave! Thank you for helping me to get on a healthier and more positive side of life, where my dreams are now manifesting.”

— Jason Lee, Garberville, CA

“Dave Berman’s methods to change a bad habit into a healthy one worked for me in just two sessions. It was far easier to change lifelong habits than I ever thought possible. Now, eight months later, I’m still free of smoking pot, and Dave gets the credit. Actually, I don’t even think of the old habit anymore!”

– Mary Ray, Portland, OR

“Just wanted to send a few words of appreciation and encouragement your way. I haven’t had a puff since our first meeting almost 10 months ago! And I can’t imagine I ever will again. Also, I enjoy your periodic emails. You’re doing good work. Keep it up! Thanks so much.”

– Ryan Bridges, Arcata, CA

“I am 6 months cigarette free thanks to you. A big thanks! No issues, no cravings, no smoking.”

UPDATE: “Hi Dave, I just celebrated my 3year quit-o-versary free from cigarettes. Thank you again!”

– Samantha Wise, McKinleyville, CA

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Anxiety Testimonials

FAIRYTALE WEDDING“I went to see Dave Berman less than a week before my wedding; my brains and nervous system were scrambled and anxious. My concern was that I show my emotions easily, and leading up to the wedding, when we would rehearse our vows or listen to the music, I would tear up. I was afraid I would sob through my whole wedding with 40-50 people looking on! Some of my friends just laughed, but Dave was like an ocean of calm in the storm. I felt peaceful immediately upon entering his office and meeting him, and we went directly into a hypnotic/meditative state that he showed me how I could re-create the same peaceful feeling at will, on my own. I used the techniques he taught me, and was able to cruise through our ceremony with great enjoyment – and no tranquilizers needed! I would recommend working with Dave to anyone; he is good at what he does and sincerely cares about the people he works with.”

– Mrs. Alan Fletcher, McKinleyville, CA

“As a student in my junior year of high school I had anxiety issues, mainly in social situations. I decided to work with Dave after talking to my guidance counselor a couple of times and Dave really helped me learn how to deal and prevent the anxiety that I was regularly facing. After seeing Dave a handful of times I got over my anxiety and it hasn’t been a problem since.”

– Coleton G-T, McKinleyville, CA

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Fears/Phobias Testimonials

“Before I volunteered to do the “Fast Phobia Relief” demo at the “Come To Your Senses” workshop I told Dave I would be shocked and amazed if through NLP he would be able to help me to feel comfortable around tarantulas. Well, guess what? I am shocked and amazed! Not only has my fear of tarantulas disappeared but my overall confidence in general has skyrocketed. I feel empowered and ready to face life with more ease and excitement than ever before. I believe 100% in NLP and look forward to working with Dave on other issues in my life.”

– Tanya Hunt, Blue Lake, CA

“I wanted to let you know my bees and wasps phobia certainly no longer feels like a phobia. Every day I feel like the issues I had with these bugs are farther in the past. I am no longer fearful when I work in my garden. Sometimes a bug will buzz by my head and I will jump, but I just laugh at myself and keep working and I saw a little bumble bee on a flower the other day and thought to myself “oh, how sweet.” Also, my boyfriend and family have acknowledged many times how my attitude has changed. I am considering putting some flowers around my house next summer too! I feel victorious every day. It is a good feeling. Thanks so much for your help!”

– Chelsey, Columbiaville, MI (via Skype)

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Chronic Pain Testimonials

“As someone who’d dealt with a chronic pain issue for over four years, Dave helped me understand how the mind and a conflict in your mind can play a key role in sustaining symptoms. With his help, I was able to show a marked reduction in pain after a few sessions. I’d highly recommend giving him a go if you have an unresolved pain issue that won’t go away”

– Owen Gee, London, UK (via Skype)

“thank you so much for the pain management recording…we have been gone for 7 weeks across this country and I can honestly say I was never “in pain”…some discomfort on really busy busy days…but not the excruciating bone- on- bone pain I was having…I was even able to stand during the hours-long birthing of my granddaughter at the hospital so I could “see” everything!

a 7 week cross country trip with relatively little discomfort…
a blessing
a wonder
a miracle
a mazing!”

– Darla McGrath, Fortuna, CA

“Dave Berman has a genuine concern and desire to help with one’s personal expansion into health and freedom of living fully! When I worked with him he was focused and compassionate as we dove into ways of alleviating my migraines. It was a step to me truly finding my way out of almost everyday headaches.”

–Damion Sharpe, Eureka, CA

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Nailbiting Testimonials

“I first listened with a skeptic’s ear to the custom hypnosis recording Dave made for me, wondering how something like this would eliminate a 42-year old habit. But after about 10 minutes of following Dave’s realistic and entertaining instructions, I began to relax and allowed his calm, hypnotic voice to help me visualize the long, manicured nails that I’ve always wanted but could somehow never attain. Today, after only a few repeat sessions of listening for just 30 minutes at a time, I can confidently say I am a former nail biter with the hands I’ve always wanted. Thanks, Dave!”

Rene’s Hands
(click to enlarge photo)

UPDATED 9 MONTHS LATER: “Dave, just want to reiterate how much your recording has helped me. I had been sliding back into old habits, so two weeks ago I listened to your recording again. I fell asleep to it and thought ‘oh geez, it’s not going to help me now.’ But two weeks later, I suddenly realized that I’m back on track and those old urges are gone! Yay! Thank you so much.”

– Rene Agredano, Livingston, TX

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Laughter Yoga Testimonials

“I wanted to provide some stellar feedback on today’s session. I speak for the group when I say it was hysterical, memorable, impactful and worthwhile. We were all thrilled with how the laugher session went, the take aways, and the meaningful discussion. Dave, you have a gift as a facilitator! You nudged the conversation and guided us through meaningful topics and I think it tied nicely together. I felt like you were extremely well prepared and I thank you for that. We also loved the exercise at the end.”

–Andrea Bridson , Wounded Warrior Project, independence program coordinator, Atlanta, GA

– video by Pierre-Etienne Vannier, C.Ht., Los Angeles, CA

“The laughter exercises made me feel great, and I really can’t wait to share these methods with my clients.”

James Hazlerig, MA, CHP, Austin, TX

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your laughter workshop. No matter how a person feels coming into the workshop (tired, grumpy, worried) I feel they will leave the workshop with a smile. It was a great energy boost for the end of the day.”

– Darren Begley, C.Ht., Scottsdale, AZ

“I’d just like to bless Dave Berman. We had an AMAZING time last night with the laughter yoga. I laughed so hard that I cried because I realized how much I missed hearing my little boy laugh. And what was even more beautiful was having that experience with men whom I love. Thank you so much Dave for such a giveaway last night…it really made a difference for me.”

– John Jones, Atlanta, GA – Mankind Project

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