The Power Source of Your Confidence

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Imagine having confidence so unshakeable that it remains steady no matter the circumstances. Sure, at times it definitely seems like confidence fluctuates based on circumstances.

We all experience this illusion.

Illusions are based on misunderstanding the reality or nature of something. In this context, the misunderstanding is about the origin, or power source generating confidence.

You may already be aware of Jamie Smart’s book Clarity from my book review. His YouTube channel is also filled with videos that have helped me personally, and in turn, benefited my clients. A rather long video I saw a couple of months ago lead to the insight offered here.

Jamie referred once, in passing, to “context specific resourcefulness.” In a 2.5 hour event, those three
words were my biggest takeaway. We all have CSR, and do best when we simply remember that. Here’s an analogy.

Pretend you have a printing press that makes real, legitimate money. But you have a pattern of feeling
insecure at times when you can’t afford certain things. Now that you’ve got your press, you can chuckle to yourself each time that insecurity pops up and you remember how to simply print more money.

Your CSR is like the printing press. It is the inner, innate, automatic power source of your confidence
and it activates when you just remember it exists. There are many contexts in which you don’t even need to remember because you routinely generate the resources you need:

— Sitting on the couch, you hear the doorbell and effortlessly stand up and walk across the room.

— A document requires your signature so you grab a pen and write your name.

— Someone asks you for the time, and you read it from your watch.

These examples likely seem ordinary, unchallenging, and not requiring of confidence because you trust without thought that you have the resources needed in each specific context.

Illusions will continue to appear. They will no longer fool you for very long, however, when you recall the power source of your confidence, security, peace of mind, sense of wellbeing, and more all come from within rather than the circumstances around you.

For me, the idea of context specific resourcefulness has lead me to stop rehearsing possible conversations because I know whatever I need to say will come out in the right way at the right time just as it does in other more spontaneous conversations I could not have anticipated and for which I could not have prepared.

Let me know how this starts showing up for you.


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