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Maybe you’re researching how to solve a problem or overcome a challenge. Perhaps you already know laughter coaching and hypnosis will help you. Either way, you’ve found Manifest Positivity and that means you can look around this site and discover how the mind/body approach to health and happiness can support you in achieving your goals.

When you understand the relationship between thoughts and feelings, you hold the key to unlock your potential. Everything necessary is already inside you. My job is helping you remove interference so you can hear and trust the inner wisdom that guides you.

As the psychologist Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

This is why people often hear me say I’m not going to hypnotize them but rather to de-hypnotize them – to elevate into conscious awareness the resources and solutions to challenges being unwittingly created on an unconscious level.

Unconditional laughter and mindfulness both help us to “just notice” this. The more you explore these approaches, the more changes and progress will seem automatic and effortless, as if you don’t have do anything and can just be your genuine, authentic, best self.

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Helping the YOUniverse conspire on your behalf…



“Dave Berman helped me to solve a deep inner conflict…learning to recognize
what thoughts correlated to specific sensations in my body and how to trust
my body to inform me on the best actions and thoughts that resonate with my truth.”

– Amanda Caldwell, Los Angeles, CA

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