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How big is your intention span? If you made any new year’s resolutions this is critical for seeing them through. So often we hear about having a short attention span, meaning we are easily distracted. That won’t help you achieve goals.

But it’s the intention span that really makes a difference if you’re trying to adopt a new habit, achieve a longer term aim, or even stay focused on one specific project.

Your intention span is inversely related to how long it takes to meet your goal. The more focus given to the intention, the less time it takes to produce results.

For example, my intention this year is to inspire a million people to adopt a daily practice of laughing on purpose. Keeping that intention top of mind means I mention it every day in the video I post to the Daily Laughers YouTube channel and in the related Facebook group.

Will I really make 366 videos this year? Time will tell, but it is my intention.

It’s a big commitment. Fortunately, I have built in to the overall project the best tip you can use to help make the most of your intention span. You can call it either a Milestone History List or a To-Done list.

Just write down each step you take toward fulfilling your intention. Bonus points for tracking it publicly. Anytime you feel stuck or lacking motivation, review your list to see how far you’ve come. Reminding yourself (and others!) of your commitment, determination and follow-through is a great way to connect with a feeling of momentum.

As noted in Building Blocks of a Better Attitude, the more you present your momentum, the more people perceive your potential. And people invest in potential because we intuitively know an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

So next time you are frustrated, just notice your intention. Appreciate your progress, keep your eye on the prize, and continue moving toward it. This will increase your intention span and speed up its arrival.

You can dig deeper into the idea of increasing your intention span in this recording I made.

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In a delightful synchronicity, the same day I wrote this, Lauren Hunt was my guest for the Daily Laughers video. She was unaware of this article when she offered to lead an exercise called “Intention Laughter.”


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