Dave Berman was featured in the July 21, 2013 issue of the Eureka Times-Standard

Dave Berman, C.Ht. Photo by Clay McGlaughlin

Dave Berman, C.Ht. is available to assist you in a variety of ways. Here is a menu of services:

Office Visits
Skype Sessions
Public Speaking
Laughter Yoga
Custom Hypnosis Recordings

Learn more about clinical hypnosis and medical hypnosis.

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Dave originally launched Manifest Positivity in Arcata, CA then relocated to Cardiff, CA and again to Atlanta, GA. At the start of 2017 he left the US on the #HelpTheWorldLaugh tour, which is taking him all over the world for an indefinite period. As a result, he is not currently scheduling office visits but continues to help clients via Skype (see below).

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While traveling on the #HelpTheWorldLaugh tour Dave is still coaching clients via Skype. The connection is private and secure so you can see and hear each other for confidential long distance sessions. You can add and message Dave via Skype at manifest_positivity, but first please write him a note or use the Viber app to call his mobile number from anywhere in the world +1 707-845-3749.

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Dave is a popular and dynamic public speaker and workshop facilitator with an inspiring message and a gift for skill sharing. See the Featured Videos page for some past talks or contact him to arrange a presentation for your company, community group or even a private set of friends. Topics include: Laughnosis, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training, Increased Joy/Decreased Stress; Laughter For the Health of It; Building Blocks of a Better Attitude; Language Lessons for Hands-On Healers; and customized inspirational presentations for any occasion or organization.

Previous audiences include: Global Laughter Yoga Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, MediaCity UK in Manchester, England, The Healthy Life Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, Llandaff North Community Centre in Cardiff, Wales, Waterloo Academy in London, England, The Clubhouse in Perth, Australia, The Estonian Cultural Centre in Adelaide, Australia, The Centre in Sydney Australia, Freshwater Place in Melbourne, Australia, Rotary Club of Smyrna, GA, Australian Laugher Wellness Conference 2016, Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta’s 2016 I Am Healthy and Whole Expo, 2016 UK Laughter Festival, Mankind Project, Wounded Warrior Project, HypnoThoughts Live 2014 and 2015, HypnoExpo 2015, the Humboldt Del Norte Dental Society, the Bariatric Support Group at St. Joe’s Hospital in Eureka, staff and clients of the Redwood Veterans Center, the staff recognition banquet of the Humboldt Senior Resource Center, students at McKinleyville High School, the Sunrise Rotary Club of Arcata, the 7th Annual Synergy Fair, the Arcata Holistic Health Center, Humboldt Herbals (watch spider phobia relief demo), the Dharma Center in Garberville, Moonrise Herbs in Arcata, the Isis Osiris Healing Temple in Sunny Brae, the Hummingbird Healing Center in Eureka, ARCreated Wellness Blog Talk Radio, and the teleseminar series of ThisTimeIMeanIt.com (purchase download here).

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Dave has been posting about the health benefits of unconditional laughter since attending his first laughter yoga class in 2009. He is known around the world for integrating unconditional laughter with hypnosis and coaching (aka Laughnosis), which lead to co-writing and publishing Laughter For the Health of It in 2015. Dave is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and can deliver Laughter Yoga Leader certification trainings anywhere in the world. Based on his commitment to inspiring people to adopt a daily laughter practice (see video below), Laughter Yoga founders Dr. Madan Kataria and Madhuri Kataria honored Dave in 2016 with the title Laughter Ambassador.

Dave provides private individual, couples, and group laughter coaching and Laughter Yoga sessions. He also brings laughter to hospitals, assisted living facilities, non-profits and corporations. Benefits include: a gentle cardio workout; reduced stress and better moods; strengthened immune systems; greater pain tolerance; improved communication skills, relationships, teamwork, and customer service; expanded emotional intelligence; increased creativity and receptivity to learning; and fostering a positive environment to reduce absenteeism and employee turnover. To schedule an event, please contact manifest_positivity on Skype, write Dave a note, or use the Viber app to call his mobile number from anywhere in the world +1 707-845-3749.

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Clients working on certain issues benefit from having hypnosis recordings they can listen to repeatedly. Such recordings are often made during office visits at no extra charge. But for people who can’t get to see Dave in person, a custom hypnosis recording can be a great value. To discuss your needs, please contact manifest_positivity on Skype, write Dave a note, or use the Viber app to call his mobile number from anywhere in the world +1 707-845-3749.



“thank you so much for the pain management recording…we have been gone for 7 weeks across this country and I can honestly say I was never “in pain”…some discomfort on really busy busy days…but not the excruciating bone- on- bone pain I was having…I was even able to stand during the hours-long birthing of my granddaughter at the hospital so I could “see” everything!

a 7 week cross country trip with relatively little discomfort…

a blessing

a wonder

a miracle

a mazing!”

– Darla McGrath, Fortuna, CA

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